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Ty BBOC Edition 1 Series 2

Quick Facts about Series 2
Total number of cases: 99,000
= 594, 000 boxes
= 14, 256, 000 packs
= 114, 048, 000 cards

Autographed cards: 304
Rare Bear cards: 284,322 Retired cards: 2,851,200 Birthday/Rookie cards: 4,752,000

Pack contents:
1 checklist,
1 trivia
8 other cards

Odds of finding a birthday/rookie card: 1:3 packs
Odds of finding a retired card: 1:5 packs
Odds of finding an Rare Bear card: 1: 50 packs
Odds of finding an autographed card: approx. 1: 47,000 packs

Canadian Edition
Total run size approximately 4% of US Edition
Total number of cases 3,297
Higher proportion of Gold cards

European Edition
Total run size 8% of the US Edition

Series 2 box

Series 2 Pack

   Following quickly on the heals of Series 1, Series 2 hit the shelves on March 11th 1999 and was reportedly sold out before retailers received their first deliveries. The also did not stay on the shelves for long and many retailers very quickly put the prices up or restricted the number of packs that people could buy. The production size of Series 2 is about 18% larger than Series 1.

    In Series 2 each pack contains a checklist, a trivia card and 8 other cards. Most of these cards are "common" cards, but some packs will contains one of the more valuable chase cards. There are a total of five different card types associated with Series 2:

In addition, each box of cards (24 packs) contained a poster. On one side of the poster are all of the cards from Series 1 and on the other side are the Series 2 cards.

    Each card in Series 2 as with its predecessor (including all color levels of the chase cards) was signed by Ty with a gold marker on the front and numbered 1/1 on the reverse. Unlike Series 1, all Series 2 cards are vertically oriented, in other words the top and bottom of the card are the short sides.

On June 16th, Ty also issued a much smaller second run of Series 2 that was especially made for the Canadian market. This was quickly followed by a European edition.

Rare Bears
    The Rare Bear cards are wonderful full hologram cards of some of Ty's Bears. There are a total of 12 of them and come in four different colors: Blue, Green, Silver and Gold, with blue being the easiest to find and Gold being the most difficult. The color of the card is determined by the words "THE BEAR"  under the name of the bear. The odds of finding one of these cards is 1 pack in 50, which makes them a little more available than the Original 9 cards, but the production numbers of some of them make it more difficult to put together a set of Rare Bears. They are all limited editions and the production numbers are given below.

Name Blue Green Silver Gold
#1 Bear 6667 2222 555 34
Billionaire 6667 2222 555 34
Britannia 13334 4444 1110 67
Clubby 6667 2222 555 34
Erin 13334 4444 1110 67
Garcia 13334 4444 1110 67
Glory 20001 6666 1665 99
Libearty 20001 6666 1665 99
Maple 20001 6666 1665 99
Peace 26668 8888 2220 133
Princess 26668 8888 2220 133
Valentino 26668 8888 2220 133

    For some reason these cards do not have a sequence number. They are the only cards that are unmarked in this way.

Retired Cards
      There are 15 Retired cards (numbered 274 through 288). The odds of finding a retired card are 1 in every 5 packs which makes them easier to find than in Series 1. As with the Rare Bears, they come in the same four color ranks. The color is determined by the small "Retired" insignia on the bottom left of the cards. There are 100 gold cards for each and they are serial numbered on the back. The hardest to find is Rex.

Birthday / Rookie Cards
     There are 24 Birthday / Rookie cards (numbered 250 through 273). The odds of finding one of these cards is 1 in every 3 packs, making them more difficult to find that Series 1 birthday / rookie cards. The same four colors are used again with 100 golds for each. The color is determined by the color of the Beanies name at the bottom of the card. The hardest of these to find are Caw, Nip and Peanut.

Common Cards
    Similar to Series 1 there are 100 common cards (numbered 150 through 249). These cards have the same Horizontal format as Series 1 and contain the same basic information. There are quite a few errors in the commons but the two biggest are that Scat is numbered 125 instead of what it should have been, which is 217. Mel and Millennium also share the 196 spot and 195 is vacant where Mel should have been. Unlike Series 1 there do not appear to be hard to find commons in this series, although in general the higher the number, the more plentiful they are. A full list of Series 2 commons is available here.

Trivia Cards
    There are a total of 25 different trivia cards, where each card has 5 questions. Of course, the questions and answers are covered up and have to be scratched off. The questions are of different perceived levels of difficulty and points are associated with each question. In general the questions at the top are considered easier than the ones at the bottom. If two competing players finish up with the same score, there is a tie breaker rub-off circle at the bottom of the card. Whoever gets the highest or lowest number wins. A great fun addition to the trading cards.

      The packs contained a checklist just as in the first series. Again, no distinction is made between the different sets or colors of the cards.


    Each box of the US edition contained a double sided poster. On one side were all of the cards that made up the Series 1 set including pictures of all cards, and on the other side were pictures of all of the Series 2 cards. This poster was not included in either of the Canadian or EU editions.

Canadian Edition
     The Canadian edition was released on June 16th 1999 and came as a surprise to most retailers who were just expecting to receive the standard US edition. Each card in the Canadian series has a red foil maple leaf in the top corner of the card. What is rather puzzling though is that there are three cards missing in the Canadian edition, two commons: Sammy the tie dye bear (I think they produced so many US Sammy's, that the plates wore out), Mac the Cardinal and one Rare Bear Princess. While the checklist was updated to remove these three, Ty obviously didn't want to update the poster, so these were left out of the boxes.
    It seems that there are 11 signed cards in the Canadian series, 1 each of the Gold Rare Bears. The numbers of Gold cards for the Rare Bears appears to be approximately correct given the run size, but for the retired and birthday / rookie cards, they have produced more golds that for the US edition. For many of the birthday / rookies there are 8 to 10 golds rather than the expected 2 or 3

European Edition
     The European edition appeared in the late summer, first in England. This edition has the same three cards missing as in the Canadian edition and also does not have the poster. Each of these cards has a blue "EU" printed in one of the top corners. The run size appears to be about twice that of the Canadian cards, but is is unknown how many autographed cards there are. A signed Grunt has been reported to smartcollecting, so it is clearly different from the Canadian run. One collector did find a Sammy in a European pack, but it was missing the EU stamp.


Below are the run sizes for the International Rare Bears and Gold cards. If you know of any numbers that are missing, please let me know. Thanks to Korey and Jim for helping me out with these. It is also reported that there are 11 signed gold rare bear cards and one of each of the gold retired cards in the EU set.

Canadian Card Blue Green Silver Gold
#1 Bear 277 92 23 2
Billionaire 277 92 23 2
Britannia 554 184 46 4
Clubby 277 92 23 2
Erin 554 184 46 4
Garcia 554 184 46 4
Glory 300 100 30 10
Libearty 831 276 69 6
Maple 831 276 69 6
Peace 1108 368 92 8
Valentino 1108 368 92 8
European Card Blue Green Silver Gold
#1 Bear 550 180 46 3
Billionaire 550 180 46 3
Britannia 1100 360 92 3
Clubby 550 180 46 3
Erin 1100 360 92 6
Garcia 1100 360 92 3
Glory 50 30 20 2
Libearty 1650 540 138 9
Maple 1650 540 138 9
Peace 2200 720 184 12
Valentino 2200 720 184 12


Retired Gold Cards
Card Can EU


Bumble 5  
Grunt   10
Jolly 7  
Lizzy (Blue)    
Lucky 7  
Magic   14
Puffer 9 18
Rex 2 4
Seaweed 9 18
Sly 9 18
Snort 9 18
Twigs 9 18


Birthday Gold Cards
Card Can EU
Baldy 8 12
Beak 6  
Caw 4 6
Early 10  
Echo 10 15
Fleece 12 18
Gigi 12  
Gracie   18
Halo 8 12
Hissy   9
Jabber 6 9
Jake 8 12
Kuku 8 12
Nip 8  
Nuts 12 18
Patti 6  
Peanut 4 6
Pumkin 12  
Rainbow 12 18
Rocket 8  
Rover 8 12
Smoochy   9



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