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TY BBOC Edition 1 Series 1

The Ty BBOC cards were made under license by Cyrk Inc,

Quick Facts about
    Series 1

Total number of cases: 84,000
    = 504,000 boxes
    = 12, 096, 000 packs
    = 96, 768, 000 cards

Autographed cards: 296
Original 9 cards: 103,200
    + Unnumbered
Retired cards: 1729862
Birthday/Rookie cards: 6,054516

Pack contents:
    1 checklist, 1 puzzle card
    8 other cards

Odds of finding a birthday/rookie card:
    1:2 packs
Odds of finding a retired card:
    1:7 packs
Odds of finding an Original 9 card:
    1: 117 packs
Odds of finding an autographed card:
    approx. 1: 41,000 packs

Series 1 Box Top

Series 1 Pack

   Ty's inaugural edition of Beanie baby Trading cards was announced at the Atlanta gift show in July and hit the shelves in early November 1998 with little fanfare. They sat on the shelves, unwanted and it looked as if Ty had a rare flop on his hands. Then in early 1999 he announced the retirement of the cards and suddenly Beanie baby trading cards had life. They sold out very quickly after that.

    Each pack of cards contains a checklist, a puzzle card and 8 other cards. Most of these cards will be "common" cards, but some packs will contains one of the more valuable chase cards. There are a total of six different card types associated with Series 1:

    Each card in Series 1 (including all color levels of the chase cards) was signed by Ty with a gold marker on the front and numbered 1/1 on the reverse. All Series 1 cards are horizontally arranged, in other words the top and bottom are the long sides of the card.

Original 9 cards
    As the name implies, these cards depict the original 9 Beanie babies: Chocolate, Cubbie, Flash, Legs, Patti, Pinchers, Splash, Spot and Squealer. They are numbered 1 to 9 respectively. These cards are often referred to as clear, plastic or acetate cards. These cards come in four color variations: Red, Blue, Silver and Gold, with Red being the most common and gold the rarest. All of these cards are serial numbered. The odds of finding one of these cards is about 1 in every 117 packs. Listed below are the production runs of each card. Each card is marked on the front, for example 1234/8840. To determine the color of the card, look at the words "Original 9" in the top left corner. It is the color of ths that determines the card color. You can also check by looking at the numbers in the table below.

# Name Red Blue Silver Gold
1 Chocolate 8840 3510 884 182
2 Cubbie 7480 2970 748 154
3 Flash 6800 2700 680 140
4 Legs 8160 3240 816 168
5 Patti 8160 3240 816 168
6 Pinchers 8840 3510 884 182
7 Splash 6800 2700 680 140
8 Spot 5400 2160 544 112
9 Squealer 7480 2970 748 154


   The way in which some of these cards are numbered is quite strange. Most of the cards have the numbers on the right hand side of the front of the card. Splash, Spot and Squealer and the exceptions. Their numbers are on the left. What is even more strange is that for these "S" card, the numbering direction is inconsistent. For all of the other cards and most of the "S" cards the numbers face inwards as shown for pinchers above. But some of the "S" cards have numbers that face out. These are much rarer. In addition, a few blue cards managed to creep out of the factory that were not numbered. The numbers of these cards are unknown and generally fetch lower prices.

Retired Cards
     There are 15 retired cards (numbered 10 through 24). The odds of finding a retired card are 1 in every 7 packs. As with the Original 9 cards, they come in the same four colors, Red, Blue, Silver and Gold. There are 150 gold cards each, serial numbered on the front. A few gold cards without numbers did escape. Known cases for this include Teddy and Goldie. In the top right corner of each retired card is a circle with Retired through it. It is the color of this insignia that designates the color of the card. Click here to see the 4 color variations. Each of the cards has a very shiny, partly holographic surface. To the left of the card, the name of the Beanie is in blue on a gold background. Not all of the cards are as likely to be found as others. The most common are Goldie, Lefty and Teddy. The most rare is the Royal Blue Peanut.

Birthday / Rookie Cards
     There are 25 Birthday / Rookie cards (numbered 25 through 49). The odds of finding a birthday / rookie card are 1 in every 2 packs. As with the previous 2 categories, the same colors can be found with 150 gold of each type. Each card has the name of the Beanie Baby on it and it is the color of this that determines the card's color. However they can be a little confusing. On the Red card, the red fades into gold, the blue fades into silver, and the silver and gold cards have solid colors. Of these cards Tabasco and Lizzy are the hard cards to find.
    7 of the cards also have the Rookie emblem on them. These are Ants, Clubby, Erin, Fetch, Fortune, Glory and Princess. Apart from this there is no difference between these and other birthday cards. For non U.S. people, the term 'Rookie' needs to be explained. It basically means that this is the first year that they have appeared. So all of the Rookie cards were introduced in within 1 year of the cards introduction.

Common Cards
     There are 100 common cards (numbered 50 through 149). Not all commons are common- in fact some of them are very hard to find. The hardest to find are:
    VHTF - Bumble, Caw, Digger, Flutter, Garcia, Happy, Libearty, Peanut,  Rex, Seamore, Sting, Stripes, All of the Teddies and Zip
    HTF - Bones, Coral, Magic, Manny, Righty, Sparky

   Each of these cards is embossed with a picture of the beanie. On the back of each card, there is lots of information about the beanie including: Name, Birthday, Issue Date, Poem and some  little known facts. Click here for a full list of the common cards.

Puzzle Cards
     Each pack of cards comes with one puzzle card. There are a total of 8 puzzles: Winter Beanie Wonderland, Born to be Wild, Tropical Heat Wave, Star Spangled Beanies, The Original Nine, The Faces of Teddy, It's a Dog's life, and an unnamed puzzle with dogs on one side and wildlife on the other.


     In order to get these slider cards, you had to buy by the sealed box and not the pack. Each box contains one of these cards and is about the same size as a box (5" x 71/2"). There are a total of 8 different slider cards. With each card a black and white picture is seen (same pictures as used in the puzzle cards). When the slider is pulled out, the picture turns into full color. The sliders are not numbered or named, but most of them follow along with the puzzles. The unnamed puzzle is not represented and the original 9 puzzle has been split into two sliders, the first with Chocolate, Patti, Legs, Pinchers and Squealer which is referred to as the Original 9 A slider and the second with Cubbie, Flash, Splash and Spot, referred to as Original 9 B slider.


    Each pack also contains a checklist of the Series 1 cards. However, it does not indicate which of the cards belong to which card group and does not leave space for the different colors of them. There is also a mistake in the checklist. It states that # 132 is Tank without a shell, when in fact it is Tank, 7 lines no shell.


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