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Mary Beth

These cards were issues with Mary Beth's Beanie World magazine
Quick Facts
about Mary Beth

Magazine First Publication October 1997.
Sale Date Sept 7th
Total number of issues 42

Total number of
Collector Cards 13
Holographic Cards 3
Collector Cards 4
Other Cards 6

     The collector cards on this page are somewhat different from all of the others in that they were not sold and shipped in packs, nor were they available for sale as cards. Instead they came with the Beanie Baby Magazine created by Mary Beth, originally called Mary Beth's Beanie World and at it hight was  probably the magazine most associated with the collecting craze around Beanie babies.

    The first edition of Mary Beth's Beanie World went on sale October 1997 and had a circulation of 177,000. It was originally planned as a one time magazine, but because it sold so well, the publisher decided to produce it quarterly. The second edition sold 444045 copies. The frequency soon became bimonthly and then monthly. Ty exherted his influence over the magazine, as with everyone else using the 'Beanie' name and the magazine was renamed to Mary Beth's Bean Bag World and started to cover more than just Ty Beanie Babies. The final issue of the magazine in this form was the August 2001 edition and the publishers left many very unhappy subscribers with no way to get their money back. 
    Ty restarted the magazine in January 2002 and distributes it through his retail chain!

Lenticular Cards

    The October 1999 edition came out with a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 Lenticular collectors card. The front of the card pictures the cover of the original magazine and on the back has some information about the first magazine. Its ciculation was 600,000. The card was also found on the premier edition of Mary Beth's Collector Card World Magazine.
    The second lenticular card came out in the December 1999 edition and on the front shows the cover of the second edition of the magazine, and similarly the third card shows the 3rd magazine edition and was in the February 2000 edition.

Collector Cards
    These cards were promotion cards for Beanies made by people other than Ty. The first Collector card was in the July 1999 edition and featured Chubby made by Classic Collecticritters. This toy was created exclusively for Mary Beths magazine. The second was a promotion for Salvino's Bammers and features Ali Bammer. The 3rd in October 1999  features Peggy-O is one of the grateful dead bears made exclusively for the magazine. The final one of these cards was in the November 1999 edition and features Mardi the New Orleans bear made by Sally Winey exclkusively for the magazine.

Other Cards
     In the December 1999 edition, the first of the Collector Cards was basically re-issued. Slight changes were made but it still featured 'Chubby' and the card was unnumbered. This was followed by 'Milli' in January 2000, 'Candy' and 'Sugar' in February and 'Mark McGwire' and 'Juan Gonzalez' in March.

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