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Total cards claimed 45
Series A
Five Sets known
    This may have been the first ever series of Beanie baby trading cards, which are copyright in 1997. They were grouped into 5 sets that are known about, each of which has a cover card as shown below. The only difference between each of them is the color of the outside band and the diagonal lines. The card claims to include plush toys from Ty, A&A, Fiesta toys and others, but only Ty and A&A appear to be in those actually published. As with many other being baby tradings cards, they obviously intended to produce multiple series, since this is entitled Series A. I do not know of a Series B, but if ayone has any information about this, then please let me know. Nothing is known about the original packaging of these cards. The cover cards do indicate that it was alimited edition, but nothing about the run size is known. The cover card also claims that there are 45 cards in the set. This would indicate the existance of a series 6, so if anyone has information about these please let me know!!
    There is a lot of similarity between these cards and the B&B cards in terms of layout. Each card has the picture of a plush toy in the middle, sourrounded by a box with 4 stars in the corners. The ouside of each card is in most cases two colors, although some have only a single color and are corssed by stripes in a top-right to bottom-left direction. On the backs there is some basic information including Name, Manufacturer, Description and Birthdate. For the Ty beanies, the poem is included and for some there are some additional facts. These facts show that the maker of these cards was an early beanie collector because some of this information is not widely known.

    The cards are not numbererd, so it is not know which cards belonged to which sets. The cards included:

Bernie, Blackie, Bones, Bongo, Bubbles, Bucky, Chocolate, Chops, Congo, Coral, Daisy, Ears, Freckles, Garcia, Goldie, Humphrey, Kiwi, Lefty, Libearty, Lizzy, Magic, Mystic, Peking, Pinchers, Pouch, Scottie, Seamore, Stripes, Squealer, Teddy (violet), Trap, Tusk, Valentino, Zip

A&A Plush
Blue Poison Dart Frog, FirePlug, Pete, Utopia Un-named Frog

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