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Ty BBOC Collecting Merchandise

Ty did produce a number of items to help and inform collectors of Beanie Baby trading cards. These items included a book, binder, 9 hole card pages, storage case and rigid card protectors.


The Official Guide to Beanie Babies Collector's Cards 1st edition book covering Series I and II. This 192 page paperback guide tells you about the lingo used in card collecting, how to tell the difference between the cards and the inside secrets on which cards are the most difficult to find.

Ty BBOC BinderThese 3 ring binders are a great way to store your Beanie card collection. Each binder is about the right size to hold a full collection of one series of cards. They came with 5 9 hole pages in them and packs of 50 additional pages were available.

Each page has the Ty logo on. The binder is the regular size 9" x 12" with a 1 1/2" spine. They were introduced soon after the release of the Series 1 cards.





In 1999 Ty also provided some hard or rigid card protectors, also with the logo on. They came in packs of 25.





And of course you need somewhere to store those card in the protectors, so in mid 1999 Ty also produced a storage box which comes in snazzy Ty-lite plastic and has a front locking clasp. The Ty BBOC logo is on the top and can store about 110 cards in the protectors or about 350 unprotected cards,


Collector's Tip - When using the hard card protectors, put them in a soft sleeve first. These are also sometimes called penny sleeves, because they cost about 1 cent each. The hard protectors can scratch the cards very easily, so the soft sleeves prevent this from happening.

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