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Quick Facts

about Beanie Cardz ManiaTM
Packs per box 36
Cards per pack 8
Total # of cards 100

Here is an interesting picture of these cards before they are cut from the sheet. Each sheet measure about 2 1/2 by 3 feet.

Thanks to Nathan from Hill's Wholesale Gaming for this image.

These cards were produced in 1998 by Michael Trevors & Associates. They, like the Les and Sue Fox cards were not authorized by Ty and so there were no follow on sets. 

There are 3 types of cards in the set:

Common Cards
Heart Cards
Flag Cards
Each box contains 36 packs and there are 8 cards in each pack. Each pack contains 7 common cards and one of the laser cut cards.

Common Cards
    There are 85 common cards plus 2 checklist cards. Each card has a multicolored border on a white background and a picture of the Beanie in the middle. On the backs are the name, birthdate and the beanies current status as of the issue date of the cards, such as current or retired. It is followed by the Beanie's poem. What is quite nice about these cards is the inclusion of the Teanies along with their associated Moms and Dads. These cards exist for all of the '97 and '98 Teanies. I have not been able to ascertain any specific order for the common cards. All common cards appear to be about equal distribution.

Heart Cards
    There are a total of 7 Heart cards, including Fortune, Erin, Garcia, Princess Diana, Valentino, "The Dinosaur trio" and Peanut. These are the rarest of the cards. On average you will find one of these cards in every 4 packs. Two things are special about these cards. The first is the Princess Diana card actually has her picture along with one of her bears. I don't know if this is a composite picture or a real one. The second notable thing about these cards, is that this is the only instance I know of with multiple Beanies on a single card. (The Fox's did put old and new face bears together).

Flag Cards
    There are 6 Flag cards, including Glory, Brittania, Princess, "The American Trio", Peking and Maple. Again, these contain a card with 3 Beanies on them. These are the more common of the laser cut cards with 3 out of every 4 packs on average containing one of these. Within the category, cards appear to be of equal distribution.

A Little Math Problem

Mathematicians may thus be rather curious given the photograph on the left. As each sheet is printed with one common set and one each of the heart and flag cards, then you would expect all cards to be of equal distribution. But there are 13 special cards. Given that each pack holds 7 common cards and one heart or flag card, there should be 91 commons, but there are only 87 including the two checklists. That means that from each sheet 4 cards are thrown away!!


Not affiliated with Michael Trevors & Associates in any way. Beanie Cardz Mania is a trademark of Michael Trevors & Associates.













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