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Quick Facts


4 Boxes per Case
48 Packs per box
8 Cards per Pack
55 Commons
9 Special Story Cards


    This is another series of cards that first appeared in 1998 from a company called B & B Trading Ltd. They were distrubuted by Impact Wholesale in Spring Lake Park, MN. They clearly had intentions of producing follow on series since the packs are marked as Series 1.
    Each pack, that they describe as an "Information Pack" contains 8 cards and it there are only two types of cards: Commons
    There are 55 commons in the set numbered 101 to 155.
    They appear to be in no particular order and in general the cards contain a lot of errors. They start out almost in alphabetical order but not quite, with one here and there that is a long way off. Card number 111 contains a list of the cards but not in the same order as the cards nor is it in alphabetical order. It also contains an incorrectly named Beanie "Allie". Some cards have unfinished sentences etc.

    The common cards are Baldy, Bessie, Batty, Claude, Derby, Ally, Erin, Fleece, Flip, Floppity, Index, Gobbles, Weenie, Grunt, Hippity, Hissy, Hoppity, Iggy, Smooch, Maple, Mystic, Digger, Garcia, Peanut, Puffer, Rainbow, Rex, Righty, Scoop, Snowball, Sparky, Spooky, Inky, Sting, Stretch, Teenie Snort, 1997 Teddy, Teenie Chops, Teenie Patti, Teenie Pinky, Teenie Quacks, Teenie Seamore, Teenie Chocolate, Teenie Goldie, Teenie Speedy, Teenie Liz, Lizzy, Bernie, Blizzard, Bubbles, Bruno, Chops, Chip, Freckles, Humphrey.

    These cards are all similar in their make-up.  Each card has a black border with diagonal stripes in various different colors. An inner colored band has 4 stars, one in each corner. The beanie is pictured in the middle and information about the card can be found on the back along with some interesting remarks about the beanie. All commons have red backs. Interestingly, the commentary is often independent of the beanie pictured.

Special Story Cards
    There are a total of 9 special cards. They are similar in format to the commons except that each has a gold star in the top right hand corner instead of the colored band with smaller corner stars- and two gold band across the bottom with "Special Limited Edition" in between. The index card reports that the cards are Princess, Special Spot, Doodle-de-do, Tabascofiasco, Rainin Dogs, Cat-tastrophe, Garcia2Peace, Technicolor Joseph and Salute to America, although again the card are not in the same order and some of the cards actually have different names, for example 'Doodle-de-do' is actually 'Doddle de don't'. The backs of these cards are in blue.



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