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Ty BBOC Platinum Cards

Platinum Edition -
    1 pack in each Clubby II kit
     3 cards per pack
     15 cards total
    all cards equally likely

In the Summer of 1999, Clubby II membership kits started to appear and had an added bonus for Beanie Baby Trading card collectors. In each kit was a pack of Platinum Edition Collector's cards. Each pack contained 3 cards with a total of 15 in the set. All cards are stated to be of equal distribution. There are three types of card:
  • Limited Edition
  • Vertically Named
  • Horizontally Named

    All cards have a common side which is blue and contains a large emblem that says "Platinum Edition Collector's Cards". Also included in the membership kits was 1 of 9 collector's coins. Each one contained an Original 9 Beanie. However, after a considerable time there were reports about additional coins showing up, and also coins of different colors. Unfortunately no additional cards. appeared.





Limited Edition
     The Limited edition cards have "LIMITED EDITION" printed on the top of the card and the name of the Beanie across the Center. Cards include Signature, Bronty, Legs, Millenium and Steg. All card also have the BBOC logo and a picture of the Beanie. As stated before, these cards are not limited editions, nor are they any rarer than the other Platinum cards.


Vertically Named
    These cards have the name written down the left side of the card. The cards include Beak, Echo, Goldie, Jabber and Rex. Interestingly Echo and Rex do not have the BBOC logo whereas all of the other cards do.



Horizontally Named
     These cards have the name of the Beanie printed along the bottom of the cards. They include Bessie, Clubby, Peanut, Princess and Quackers. All these cards sport the BBOC logo.

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